What We Do

Defend People

Civil Rights

CAIR Washington’s Civil Rights team provides FREE legal counseling and referrals for Muslims in Washington state who are facing issues because of their Muslim identity. We also help those who are perceived to be Muslim, like Sikhs or non-Muslim Arabs, who are harassed or discriminated against because of that perception. Our cases range from racial profiling, harassment and bullying in schools and workplaces, police misconduct, incarcerated persons’ rights, and workplace discrimination. We also meet regularly with community partners and government agencies and leaders to advocate against hate and discrimination in our workplaces, schools, and communities.

Examples of the work we do:

  • Fight for workplace religious accommodations for Muslim employees
  • Represent Muslims students who are bullied because they are Muslim
  • Represent community members who’ve been the victims of hate crimes or hate incidents
  • Ensure incarcerated Muslims have equal rights and representation, including religious rights, while in prison


The CAIR Washington Immigrant Justice Project works to defend the legal and human rights of Muslim immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in Washington state who otherwise cannot afford legal services. As a division of CAIR Washington’s legal and policy work, the Center offers free/low-cost immigration legal services to the Washington Muslim community while working to advance equitable immigration policies at every level of government.

Read more about the CAIR-WA Immigrant Justice Project

Examples of the work we do:

  • Immigration Application Assistance (help with visa and asylum applications, status adjustments, citizenship petitions, and more)
  • Immigration Delay Representation
  • Interview Preparation and Representation
  • Travel Assistance
  • Immigrant & Refugee Outreach and Education (Civic Engagement and Government 101 Trainings, Citizenship Clinics, Voter Registration for Naturalized Citizens, etc.)

Empower Muslims

CAIR Washington’s Policy and Advocacy team works with Muslims in Washington state to increase civic engagement and to ensure our laws and elected officials reflect the diversity of our state. We help community members understand how to utilize the political system to work for them. Projects include voter registration drives, community workshops, “know your rights” educational campaigns, and training of mosques and Muslim centers on how to contact local and national politicians.

Examples of the work we do:

  • Work with public schools to address anti-Muslim bullying
  • Host Muslim Day at the Capitol (MDAC) – a statewide lobbying day for Washingtonian Muslims
  • Shape and advocate for laws that impact our community
  • Work with coalition partners on issues like tech surveillance, police accountability, and hate crimes

Build Community

CAIR Washington’s Outreach team works to connect the Muslim community in Washington state to one another and to resources and opportunities while building political, social, and communal power. We do this through educational campaigns and projects, hosting events that bring the Muslim community together, and creating professional development and other opportunities for our youth.

Examples of the work we do:

  • Youth Advocacy Committee (YAC): An advisory board of young Muslims who create programming for other Muslim youth, shape and set CAIR-WA organizational priorities, and develop community leaders by connecting aspiring young professionals to the larger CAIR-WA network
  • Get out the vote (GOTV) campaigns
  • Hosting workshops in cities across our state, connecting the Muslim community
  • Assessing needs of more isolated, rural communities in WA state (Yakima, Spokane, TriCities, etc.) and making CAIR-WA a known resource for them

Amplfy Muslim Voices

CAIR Washington’s Media team works to elevate Muslim voices through authentic storytelling and real representation. We do this by working with local and national media to elevate the stories of Muslims in Washington state, creating original content to shift narratives about who Muslims are, and training our community to tell their own stories while working within the media landscape.

Examples of the work we do:

  • Create digital campaigns that tell authentic stories about Muslims in Washington state
  • Serve as a liaison between news outlets and our community; working with reporters to tell untold stories and to “get the story right”
  • Assist community members with their media needs, including writing press releases, building a press list, getting coverage for local events, and creating talking points
  • Serve as a watchdog of local, state media – ensuring accuracy and challenging Islamophobic narratives and language