Become a Champion of Justice!

At CAIR Washington, our monthly members are our Champions of Justice. Your monthly gift of $200, $20, or even $5 gives CAIR Washington financial stability and flexibility that allows us to make decisions based on consistent funding. With your monthly gift, we are able to sustain our programs for youth, legal assistance for Muslims in Washington, and advocacy for fair and just policies and legislation.

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Zakat donations will be allocated to CAIR-WA's Legal, Programs, Government Affairs, and Advocacy work. Donations will not be used for banquets, speakers' fees, rent, and other office related expenses.

CAIR Washington is qualified to receive zakat.

Your consistent support enables CAIR-WA to:

  • Defend hundreds of local Muslims’ civil rights every year
  • Train hundreds of media speakers to change millions of hearts and minds
  • Train hundreds of Muslims in political engagement so that lawmakers represent our interests
  • Help hundreds of local Muslim youth enter careers in media and politics where they shape public opinion and laws

Give a Gift of Stock to CAIR-WA. We are pleased to continue to accept stock donations from our community, which will now be done through Saturna Investments! Interested in donating stocks to CAIR-WA? Please e-mail Noor AlSaleh for more information at

All funds donated are fully tax deductible (Federal tax ID #68-0547353) and eligible for employer matching.

If you have any questions about the donation process or Privacy Policy, please contact us at