(SEATTLE, WA, 1/14/19) - The Council on American-Islamic Relations— Washington (CAIR-WA) will partner with interfaith youth non-profit, Kids4Peace , to offer a youth-oriented “Bystander Intervention Training” this Sunday, January 20, in honor of MLK Day.

The training is part of Kids4Peace’s third annual “Make Your Voice Heard” Youth Advocacy Workshop —a four-hour-workshop that helps youth develop tools to speak out against discrimination and hatred. This year’s event is focused on religious discrimination as well as legislation impacting our immigrant and refugee communities.

CAIR-WA’s Bystander Intervention Training includes a the fundamentals of the non-violent movement, scenarios recreating public harassment and lessons in skill building for de-escalation. The goal is to equip youth with the tools they need to successfully interrupt public harassment and stand in solidarity with people who are the targets of hatred and bigotry in public spaces.

“We have offered Bystander Intervention Trainings for adults for over a year and we’re thrilled for the opportunity to adapt the curriculum for youth,” said Sarah Stuteville, Media & Outreach Director at CAIR-WA,

Fouladi further said the campaign was effective because Muslim employees within Amazon acted as advocates within the company. He added that he looked forward to making similar progress with Amazon’s representative and its employees on future campaigns, especially related to surveillance software.

“Young people often witness public harassment and bullying and it’s important they are armed with the tools of non-violent de-escalation so they can help support targets of harassment by becoming conscientious bystanders.”

In addition to the Bystander Intervention Training, “Make Your Voice Heard” has partnered with The Seattle Globalist and the Washington Immigration Solidarity Network (WAISN) to offer trainings in journalism and legislative lobbying.

WHAT: Youth Bystander Intervention Training and Youth Advocacy Workshop

WHEN: 2 P.M. – 6 P.M. Sunday, January 20 th , 2019 (Bystander Intervention Training 3 P.M. – 5 P.M.)

WHERE: Seattle University Student Center Room 160 (East James Way, Seattle)


MEDIA CONTACT CAIR-WA Communications Director, Sarah Stuteville 206-403-3931,  sstuteville@cair.com

To report a hate incident (206) 367-4081 or cairwa.org/get-help
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