Every 10 years, the U.S Census Bureau attempts to count every person living in the country. Information collected from the census is used to make decisions that impact communities for the next 10 years. Things like:

  • Funding for schools and roads
  • Funding for healthcare for children, the elderly, and low-income
  • Political empowerment including redistricting and representation in Congress and the Electoral College

Unfortunately, Muslims and other communities of color have historically been undercounted in the census. This decreases funding that our communities could benefit from for schools and healthcare and further limits our civic voice and representation.

We need to achieve a full and complete count of all communities to ensure fair representation in Congress and full funding for programs like Medicaid, Highway Planning and Construction, Children’s Health Insurance Program, and Health Center Programs.

There will be NO citizenship question. The Trump administration’s attempts to include it on the census failed.

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