Adasha Turner (CNIM R EEG T) is a retired board certified Surgical/Clinical Neurophysiologic Specialist (IONM). She is the owner of Adasha Turner Neurodiagnostic Services with prior employment and contracts at UW Rehab, Stanford Traumatic Brain Injury Institute, Harvard Massachusetts General Hospital, and University of Arizona. She performed real time biofeedback studies including mapping of the eloquent cortex of the brain, spinal cord, and nerve conduction pathways during neurosurgery, cardiovascular and orthopedic trauma surgeries.

In 2019, Adasha founded the nonprofit, Modest Family Solutions dba Ummah Sustained Institute; a 4-H partnership youth development program that empowers youths’ spiritual and emotional journeys by applying life skills and an understanding of human rights literacy and action-based entrepreneurship education in social studies, ecology and environmental science.