(SEATTLE, WA, 01/03/19) – The Council on American-Islamic Relations — Washington (CAIR-WA) has received numerous complaints regarding offensive bath mats currently for sale on Amazon.com

These bathmats include Quranic verses, the name of the prophet, and other Islamic calligraphy. We have made contact with Amazon representatives to communicate that it is offensive to have religious text and other Islamic references stepped on or placed in a restroom.

“Our goal is to have these products completely removed from Amazon.com,” said CAIR-WA Executive Director, Masih Fouladi, “And we’re hopeful that the company will work with us to do so.”

CAIR-WA is also aware of Muslim employees within Amazon who have made internal complaints about the bathmats. We will be sure and keep our community informed on this matter.

MEDIA CONTACT CAIR-WA Communications Director, Sarah Stuteville 206-403-3931, sstuteville@cair.com

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